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who this is for

I help women entrepreneurs to confidently and consistently sell your high-ticket products and/or services so that you can achieve life balance and abundance while working with clients that you love. I coach you to get clarity in what you're offering and who you're offering it to, streamline business processes, gain confidence, and create repeatable and scalable systems, all in beautifully branded packaging that feels 100% authentic to you and your business.

the process

During the first phase of our program, we craft your personal story, identify your ideal client avatar, create your unique package offering, and price it (higher than you probably think you can). We'll develop the framework for all of your copy during this phase, everything from your value statement to your web copy.

Based on our Discovery + Strategy work and the private Pinterest inspiration board you curate, we'll build a beautiful brand that not only includes a logo and a secondary mark, but imagery, copy tone and more. This will serve as a guide throughout our web design phase, so we can make sure everything stays authentic to this north star. You'll also get a comprehensive Brand Guidelines document to keep for future projects if you choose to use another designer or developer.

We'll get you set up with a custom-designed WordPress website that packs just as much functionality as it does beauty. We'll integrate your conversion copy throughout your site and connect it to all of your automated business systems (don't worry, I help you with that too!).

Throughout our entire project, I'll be guiding you 1:1 as your brand + business coach. You have text and email access to me, and you can set up a call whenever you need to check in or review something. I'll also monitor the success of any ads that we place and continue to offer ongoing support for the first year, or as long as you continue to host your site with CWB.

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