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When people ask for your website address, you cringe because let’s be honest, you’re embarrassed that your brand and your site don’t really represent you or what your business is all about.

The DIY route hasn’t been working out so well and you know it’s time to up your online game. You want to hire a professional, but you’ve been putting it off because it costs money.

But now you’re ready. And this is where we come in.

We design brands that inspire love and websites that convert leads to lifelong brand ambassadors.

Who we work with

We work with heart-centered personal brands—like coaches, practitioners, authors, speakers, and healers—and small businesses in or adjacent to the health and wellness industry.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to start or grow a business. The checklist seems endless and all you want to do is ya know, what you do. You want to get down to business, offering the products and services that are changing the world.

We want to help you change the world.

Clients you love are waiting for you

Design is a crucial part of a successful business. But it’s often an afterthought. That’s a mistake.

Your brand and web presence are how potential clients get to know you, fall in love with you, and realize you’re their soul-partner in this journey of life. It’s where they’ll send their friends after singing your praises.

Think of your brand as the guest room that you want your ideal customers to feel at home in. Would it be calming? Would it be inspiring? Would it be high-end? Would it be soft? Modern? Bright? How do you want these perfect clients to feel? How would you make them comfortable? Safe? Empowered?

And if you knew your digi-home had to be all these things, would you hire someone who only charged five dollars? No, of course you wouldn’t. You’d hire a designer who wouldn’t make any creative decisions that weren’t guided by research and expert strategy.

Just as you deserve to be paid what you’re worth by clients who adore you, your brand deserves the investment you will make in it in order to attract these beautiful souls.

Up your vibe and you’ll find that you’ll start attracting clients that are on your high-end frequency.

By getting to know you, your business, and your target audience, we can make informed decisions about exactly what kind of design package to wrap your business up in. One that attracts your people, your tribe. One that feels so good and so right, they don’t want to look anywhere else. You feel like home to them.

We consider all these details so you can focus on doing your life’s work.

tell us about your project


You want to leave your job and start your own design business, but you find every excuse not to do it.

I feel you. I really, really do. But these are all self-imposed blockers. It’s not your fault, but throughout our lives we build up these false beliefs. They come from parents, friends, teachers, and loads of other sources we modeled growing up.

Identifying these beliefs as they crop up and reframing our thoughts is not easy. It’s challenging and super uncomfortable. But change doesn’t come without discomfort.

If you want to change your life, you have to change your life.

If you’re really committed to starting and growing a design business, you absolutely can. You are 100% capable.

You will need faith, tenacity, a roadmap, and a support system. If you have the first two, I can help you with the last two.

I’ll show you how to set up a successful high-end design business step-by-step. Every process, every system, every template, every script, every tool… e-ver-y-thing you need.

You’ll also get to join our private Facebook group so you can lean on other creative entrepreneurs goin’ it on their own!

What are you waiting for? The life you want is within reach!

my story

Hello, beautiful! I’m Meredith. I am a graphic designer with an education in psychology and a certification in life coaching.

I spent most of my 20s and 30s working in corporations, nonprofits, and agencies, aka making money for other people. Don’t get me wrong, I learned so much! But one thing I learned is that I only want to work with clients that I love, on terms that feel good and right for me.

I struggled when I first started out because I didn’t think I could raise my prices, do great work with only clients that I loved, and work less to make more money. I had left the safety of my full-time job to live this dream of mine, and it wasn’t really all that I thought it would be.

Until I realized that the only thing getting in my way was me. I’m good at what I do (toot toot!) and I just needed to put some faith in myself and the universe that I could live the life I wanted to live. I could have abundance and wealth, while also being passionate about helping people build brands and websites that attract those same things to them and their businesses.

Now, not only do I run a successful high-end design business with clients that I LOVE, I teach others to set up the same repeatable, scalable systems so they can enjoy the same joy, success, and abundance that I have.



Kerri Axelrod Wellness

Meredith has the unique ability to understand what my brand stands for and visually bring it to life. She never ceases to amaze me. She usually nails what I'm looking for on the first version. Having a background in marketing myself and extensive experience working with designers, I know that having someone like Meredith who "gets it" is rare and invaluable. Without a doubt, I recommend working with Meredith.

Kerri Axelrod
Health Coach + Registered Dietician

The Two Determined

Create Without Bounds designed a logo for my band that I love, and our fans love too! It represents us well and applies perfectly to all of our band merchandise. Working with Meredith was a pleasure and a great investment for us.

Shayne Floyd
Musician, The Two Determined
the two determined shayne and clare