Episode 004: Alexandra Abbott – Genuine Connection

"A really heartbreaking thing ended up being a really beautiful thing in the end."

My guest today is my very good friend, Alexandra Abbott. She’s a 20 something year old based in the Boston, Massachussetts area. She loves to read, exercise, cook, eat (and eat), spend time with her friends and family, travel, and meet new people. Her affinity for pickles goes unmatched. She works at an energy focused startup where she talks to propane suppliers about their businesses. She recently completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training. The one thing that makes her happiest in the world, as cliche as it sounds, is making someone laugh or smile. And pickles.

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in this episode we talk about:
  • Growing up in Newton, Massachusetts with a single mom
  • Running narratives in our mind about our bodies
  • Absorbing life lessons and core beliefs that are modeled for us at a young age
  • That time that Alex guessed my exact birthday when we first met
  • Making “stranger friends”
  • How Alex became so outgoing and friendly through school years and studying abroad
  • The energy it takes to nurture relationships
  • Being BOLD
  • How to distinguish surface level acquaintances from those worth pursuing a lasting friendship with
  • Finding lightness after the dark
  • Finding joy in work when she had felt so lost
  • How Alex makes connections with her customers when she first meets them
  • What it means to have connections and relationships that feel comfortable and safe and supportive
  • Getting her yoga teacher training certification during the pandemic and how she plans to use this training to create a more accessible and healing practice for her community


Practicing Yoga


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