Meredith McCreight

Hello hello! I'm a brand and business coach. I work with women entrepreneurs with heart-centered businesses who want to stop playing small and instead raise their vibration and frequency to achieve clarity, wealth + abundance mindset, high-end design, functional digital interactions, and automated business processes and systems. I want to pet all the dogs and hug all the humans. I look forward to connecting with you!

Motiv Outfitters

the story MOTIV Outfitters sells gear for people who love to be outside. They believe there’s something about being unconfined, free to explore and surrounded by beauty that all nature lovers can appreciate. Owners Laura and David Black knew they were doing something important and purpose-driven, but they didn’t really know how to talk about …

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4 Secrets to Help You Sell Your Coaching Services More Authentically

When I decided to integrate life coaching into my creative business, I had NO idea how to sell my services to potential clients. It took me years to learn how to sell from a place of ease and authenticity, rather than pushing and trying to control an outcome. Now, I know how to have meaningful conversations to understand how my work can serve people and if it’s the right fit, how to help them see that. Here’s how.

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Episode 009: Kammie Kobyleski – Intuition

“When the doors fly open, I just say yes, and walk through them. I don’t second guess or doubt them.” Bu bölümde Kammie Kobyleski ile konuşuyorum. Kammie’nin eklektik iş deneyimi radyo yayıncılığında başladı ve lüks markalar için etkinlik pazarlamasına yol açtı. Daha sonra yüksek öğrenimde akademik ilişkiler, kariyer koçluğu, öğretmenlik (çevrimiçi ve şahsen) ve son …

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Episode 008: Alison Krawczyk – Eternal Optimism

“Decide what is going to make you happy and just go after that.” In this episode, I’m talking with Alison Krawczyk. Alison is a daughter, sister, auntie, friend, and communications professional. She grew up in upstate New York and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. After earning her degree in Advertising …

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Episode 006: Derrick J. Waller – Radical Kindness

“That’s how I live life. I love hard. I love big.” In this episode, I sit down with Derrick J. Waller. Derrick is a proud graduate of the University of Virginia (’02) and has spent his whole life in this great state, currently residing in Charlottesville. His daily grind is pharmaceutical research, but Derrick’s expressive …

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