the story

Kammie is a cosmic midwife, helping individuals connect to their highest self to birth new ideas, projects, businesses—new realities—into the physical world. 

Her business has been around for years, but just like anything in life, it has evolved and grown. She needed a new brand a new digital home for her tribe, where they could come and fill their cosmic cup when they need guidance and inspiration. 

The gemstone hues in wild starry night skies were a huge inspiration to us, as were gold tones and editorial style black-on-white text treatment. 

the palette

the typography

belleza regular


Playfair Display


Amaro Script
amaro script font

the inspiration

inspiration board with purples, golds, cosmic skies, sacred geometry and tarot influences
Meredith was so thorough during the discovery phase. She asked so many specific questions to help me uncover my core brand values, identity and visual aesthetic. Her strengths encompass both creative visual design concepts as well as foundational business and marketing practices—so she's looking at design from a holistic perspective and asking questions to help you navigate through the journey. I'd see her design concepts/choices and ask her, "Are you psychic? It's like you're in my head!" because she just nailed it. We were in sync not due to magic, but because she asks the right questions to get the right design details from you, and consults with a very grounded, practical approach.
Kammie Kobyleski
Certified Coach, Intuitive Guide

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