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the story

Lisa Bond is a coach who works with individuals and groups, specializing in DBT solutions and LGBTQ and Poly relationships, to name a few things. She has loads of experience as a registered nurse having worked in the ER with psychiatric patients and within a program especially for women with eating disorders. Lisa is also a master at liaising relationships between clients and therapists when additional services are recommended for the client. She is a trusted coach that receives referrals from these therapists. She has an immense amount of training and credentials, so we wanted to make sure that we gave her a high-end brand that is as polished and professional as it is friendly and approachable.

the palette

the typography

madrid regular
bon vivant script


the inspiration

inspiration board with blues, bronze tones, coastal design, and elegant typography
Meredith is knowledgeable, makes herself easily available as needed, communicates clearly, and delivers results in a timely manner. Excellent creative quality, customized to appeal to my target population, and prompt responses to questions and concerns. The discovery process has been exceedingly useful for identifying my niche creating a clear vision of what’s needed for my website.
lisa bond
life coach, Lisa Bond Coaching

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