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sound familiar?


  • Your digital presence doesn’t feel authentic to you
  • You lack confidence in your ability to show up as a professional with potential clients/customers
  • You want to charge premium rates and create wealth + abundance for yourself but you’re afraid to raise your prices
  • You lack structured business systems and processes, so you spend way too much time manually managing everything
  • You’re desperate for work-life balance
  • You are overwhelmed by the amount of “solutions” being offered to you online… unsure how to find the right one with all the noise
  • You may feel a lack of self-worth or other self-limiting false belief
  • You may feel guilty about charging money for your purpose/calling because it’s a service to others
  • You are struggling to give yourself permission to invest in yourself


You were incredibly confident, easily attracting the clients you want, had time back in your day, able to spend time with friends/family doing what you truly enjoy, charging premium prices to support this life, and could have whatever you desire?

How would this make you feel?

do you want to...


So you know you want these big ticket clients, and you now know that you deserve them, so how do you want to SHOW UP and how do you want to be perceived by these people?

I used to think that if I looked a certain way, said and did certain things, and faked it ‘til I made it, THAT was the secret to success. In the corporate world, this involved a lot this stuff:
I wore clothes that felt out of character for me,
kissed the asses of people I didn’t respect,
did work I wasn’t passionate about,
got stepped on by others (and was encouraged to step on others) just to climb the next rung of the ladder, and
exercised authority for the sake of proving I had authority.

I looked at the people that were getting praise, promotions, and raises and I did what they did. I acted like they acted. I dressed like they dressed.

I was showing up as someone else.

It wasn’t me.

It wasn’t authentic.

And it felt terrible.

When you think about your brand and your online presence, do any of these sound familiar?

You had someone design a logo for you just because you needed a pretty thing to put on your Facebook page and your business cards. It looks super similar to other brands in your market because it’s basically a copy of what’s already been done with a few tweaks. It’s not personalized to you, your business, or your audience. It looks okay, but it doesn’t tell your client anything about you or what you do and it doesn’t represent your personality authentically.

You have a website because everyone knows you need a website these days, but it’s not clear to visitors who you are, what you’re offering, why they can’t live without it, and what action they need to take to work with you. It’s difficult for them to navigate and they have to take too many steps in order to book a consultation call.

You post in Facebook groups and comment on others’ Instagram posts because you know that you need to engage on social media to generate a following, but you feel like you’re chasing down leads and you don’t feel like you know how to attract versus chase. You struggle to talk confidently and succinctly about what it is that you offer. Your posts are  inconsistent in tone of voice, design aesthetic, and/or offer messaging.

You have tried DIY solutions for design and web, but design is not your area of expertise and it’s exhausting trying to figure out how to use tools that don’t excite you in the first place. It’s taxing and it’s taking away from the time you want to spend helping your clients.

You’re ready to work smarter not harder, to charge more and have life balance, and you know that to attract high-paying clients, you need to invest in being a high-end business. That means polish and professionalism in the way you show up, and an authenticity to yourself throughout everything with your name or your business’ name on it.

I help my clients discover and acknowledge their hopes and dreams for their businesses, identify their ideal client so they can focus on serving a smaller niche BETTER, and develop a framework of messaging (copy), design, and digital principles, as well as a library of professional and ready-to-use assets, for producing design deliverables. These guidelines and assets will influence and aid in the creation of everything from social media graphics to sales funnels to websites. 


I grew up in a middle class family so I had everything I needed and more, but we lived in a very wealthy area and most of my friends’ families were rich. I felt like I lacked what they had and I wanted it, bad. Honestly, I was a rill big brat. I thought I deserved to be rich because it was, like, super unfair that all these kids my age had fancy cars, designer clothes and shoes, high-end beauty products, and access to dream vacations. I was entitled to that, wasn’t I? Why was I not able to have it?

But my parents came from low-income families and they worked hard to get where they were. They taught my sister and me that money only comes from either hard work, getting lucky, or doing something not-totally-moral.

My relationship with wealth and abundance became a tumultuous one over the next two decades. I wanted to be rich, but felt guilty about it. I worked hard, but felt like I wasn’t getting paid what I was worth. I made money and then blew it all because I didn’t think I was worthy of it. I made decisions from a place of need and want rather than a place of gratitude and service. In short, I focused on lack and created more lack.

I have learned that in order to be successful, wealthy, and abundant, I not only have to use my unique gifts in service to others, but I also have to believe that I am capable and worthy of experiencing wealth. That money is just a currency, an energy that we exchange every day for things we find valuable. It’s okay to invest it in things I believe in, and it’s okay to accept money from people I serve who believe in me.

I’m going to show you why your investment with me will add value for you, your business, and those that you serve so purposefully every day. I want you to be able to ask for and receive the financial currency that you deserve—not because you worked a ton of hours, not because you got lucky, and not because you had to do something shady to get it—because you offer a valuable service that helps others and you are worth every cent of the high-ticket price!


Most developers will do what you tell them you need, and nothing more. They usually won’t recommend what they think is best for you and your business. You might get a website, but…

  • Does it make it easy for your users to take action?
  • Is it growing your email list?
  • If so, do you have autoresponders set up?
  • Do you take appointments with clients?
  • Can they book on your website, or do they have to click a few times just to get to a form and then wait to hear back from you?
  • Do you spend a ton of time trying to prospect clients on Facebook and Instagram?
  • Or maybe physically going to networking events?


Do you want that time back?

I build automation into your final product. Your website should be a tool to help you grow your business. Through things like automated booking systems, autoresponders for your email subscribers, chatbots, targeted Facebook ads, and sales funnels, we can automate your prospecting and lead conversion so that you can step away and do the work you love to do while the calendar continues to fill up with qualified leads.

The Natural Wall

Professional, affordable, and a unique perspective. The biggest takeaway was Meredith's ability to hear underneath my words, to what I wasn't saying. After several false starts with branding concepts, I now feel I can move forward with a clear representation of life's work.

Janet E.
Custom Wall Artist

Kerri Axelrod Wellness

Meredith has the unique ability to understand what my brand stands for and visually bring it to life. She never ceases to amaze me. She usually nails what I'm looking for on the first version. Having a background in marketing myself and extensive experience working with designers, I know that having someone like Meredith who "gets it" is rare and invaluable. Without a doubt, I recommend working with Meredith.

Kerri Axelrod
Health Coach + Registered Dietician

The Two Determined

Create Without Bounds designed a logo for my band that I love, and our fans love too! It represents us well and applies perfectly to all of our band merchandise. Working with Meredith was a pleasure and a great investment for us.

Shayne Floyd
Musician, The Two Determined
the two determined shayne and clare

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