branding summer SPECIAL

You've outgrown your brand and it's holding you back


Sound familiar?

  • You had someone design a logo on the cheap for you when you were starting out but you’ve outgrown it now that your brand is more sophisticated and polished.
  • Your brand’s visual aesthetic doesn’t feel authentic to you, or doesn’t vibe with your tribe, but you don’t know where to start to fix it.
  • You lack confidence and even feel embarrassed with potential clients / customers because your brand or marketing collateral doesn’t look as professional or high-end as the services you offer.
  • You sometimes feel unworthy of success, or have other self-limiting false beliefs holding you back from no longer playing small.
  • You have struggled in the past to give yourself permission to invest in YOU.

Right now, your “branding” is a mixed bag of colors, fonts and DIY graphics, and you’re not representing the truly awesome service provider that you are.

You know that unless you invest in a designer, you'll never really be happy with your brand.


  • You have a vision for your brand but don’t have the design background to create a logo or any supporting systems.
  • You shy away from promoting yourself to high-end clients because your brand lacks a polished aesthetic.


  • Your logo and design details AUTHENTICALLY represent you and your business.
  • You consistently market yourself to your dream clients from a place of CONFIDENCE.


The problem is not that your logo isn’t pretty enough. It’s that it doesn’t authentically align with or appeal to you or your target audience.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?


It's time to stop hiding and start showing up for yourself and your business

What's inlcluded

Brand Strategy + Design

$1,800 value | 2-3 week process

Through our Discovery & Planning phase, we will uncover what is unique about you and your business, get a glimpse into the life of your ideal client, visualize limitless possibilities through an inspiration board, and design a high-end logo and brand system that is 100% authentic to you.

90-min brand coaching / discovery session

inspiration mood board

Custom logo design

Suggested typography

Suggested color palette

Brand Board

Marketing collateral design

professional vector files

59% of consumers will choose to do business with a company over one of its competitors based on good design.


Canva Social Media Template Suite

$2,250 value

The biggest post-branding challenge I hear from my clients is that creating marketing materials in a way that’s manageable and sustainable for them seems overwhelming, even when they have their new logo files and color codes. For this reason, I’m bundling social media templates that you can easily edit with drag and drop features right inside of Canva into this summer special. No Photoshop needed. No coding skills required. 

60 custom social media templates

training on how to use them in canva

71% of consumers who’ve had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.

— Ambassador

But wait, there's more!

· · ·  BONUS NO.1  · · ·

IG Story Highlight Icon Pack

$750 value

Pack of 15 Custom Branded Icons

· · ·  BONUS NO.2  · · ·

Custom Pack of Graphic Embellishments

$500 value

Pack of assorted design extras to use in any of your designs


· · ·  BONUS NO.3  · · ·


Meredith was so thorough during the discovery phase. She asked so many specific questions to help me uncover my core brand values, identity and visual aesthetic. Her strengths encompass both creative visual design concepts as well as foundational business and marketing practices—so she's looking at design from a holistic perspective and asking questions to help you navigate through the journey. I'd see her design concepts/choices and ask her, "Are you psychic? It's like you're in my head!" because she just nailed it. We were in sync not due to magic, but because she asks the right questions to get the right design details from you, and consults with a very grounded, practical approach.
Kammie Kobyleski
Certified Coach, Intuitive Guide

Let's recap

You get…

  • Brand Strategy & Design Package ($1,800 value)
  • Canva Social Media Suite of 60 Templates ($2,250 value)
  • BONUS #1: Instagram Story Highlights Pack of 16 Custom Icons ($750 value)
  • BONUS #2: Graphic Embellishments Pack for Use in Any of Your Designs ($500 value)
  • BONUS #3: 15% Off Any Web Package (save up to $1,935)

total value:


Why am I doing this?

First, it just feels good to pass along savings during these challenging times when I can. Second, I’m cooking up a super exciting new e-course offering that will launch this summer! I’m about to be in full course module writing / recording mode while still working with coaching clients, so I will have less time to do big, custom design & web projects. Pre-scheduling a limited number of quicker-turn projects allows me to finish my course while still helping amazing entrepreneurs like you scale your heart-centered business through elegant brand design.

Let’s do the damn thing!

She gave me an image that was in my mind, but couldn't articulate visually. Professional, affordable, and a unique perspective. The biggest takeaway was Meredith's ability to hear underneath my words, to what I wasn't saying. After several false starts with branding concepts, I now feel I can move forward with a clear representation of life's work.
Janet e.
owner & Artist, The Natural Wall


Font licenses are not included. Many times suggested fonts will be free, however, sometimes I will recommend a custom font as they tend to be more high quality. If you decide to use a font that requires a license, you will need to purchase the necessary license in order to use it online and in print. Most fonts are between $12-30 per license and can be purchased through Creative Market or MyFonts.

I get it. Trust me, I get it. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars working with coaches to grow my business. It was a scary commitment to make. But this work is an investment into yourself and your business. If you are ready to see change in your life and your business, you are definitely worth the investment! The alternative is to stay right where you are which kinda gets you nowhere. 

I do offer payment plans. If you pay in full, the cost is $2,997. If you prefer to break it up into installments, you can pay $789 per month for 4 months. 

Yes, I accept payments of credit card, debit card, PayPal, and ACH (bank transfer).

I am passionate about helping womxn in business and the arts, but I will not turn down a male/male-identifying client who vibes with me and my design style. Book a free call and we’ll chat to see if it’s a fit!

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